See what our people are saying about The Photography Workshop

I had an outstanding experience. I learned so much a while having a great time. Our camp leaders could not have been better. Prior to the camp they were very accessible which made me feel more comfortable.
— Dirk Hainey
It was so much fun! I made many new friends and now have much more confidence in my skills to photograph.
— Sandy LaPlage
What I loved about the Boot Camp class was:
-Hands On
-Opportunity to ask questions
-The way you showed/demonstrated concepts

I thought I was going to be very intimidated, I was wrong!

Can’t wait for Boot Camp II to start!
— Mary P
All my anxieties were dispelled! :-)
— Joyce
I feel much more comfortable with my camera now and will certainly be taking more images!
— Jane L
My son, Korey (10 yrs) attended the first session and absolutely loved the camp. I was amazed by how much he learned about visual composition and art in addition to the basics of camera control. He loved the camp leaders and the interaction with all of the kids. It was a great experience and definitely something he wants to do again. Thank you!!
— Julie, mother of Korey
I liked that you would open to questions through out the course and that you offered use of your equipment to the class.
— Kathy
The course materials were well written and very helpful to understand the concepts. Instructors were super friendly.
— James R
They get the concepts across very well and engage their students, answer questions several different ways to get the concept across to everyone of their students. I learned so much more than I expected to
— Jack
Mark and Tony provide two different perspectives on photography that I found very beneficial. Loved all the little tips they shared during the course to improve my photography!
— Mike T
Awesome experience. They really helped me bring out my creative self and I made lots of cool friends. In other words, I give it a 10 out of 10.
— Quentin
You guys are very encouraging! And you’re also very good at giving helpful constructive criticism in a positive way. Homework assignments were extremely helpful!
— Bill G
I liked all the socialization with like-minded individuals, ability to use the cameras in class and seeing other peoples pictures.
— Rosemary
I feel most everyone with an interest in photography would glean a lot from this course. (Boot Camp I)
— Henry
The depth of knowledge that the instructors showed and the degree of joy and encouragement they shared with their students about photography was amazing. Highly recommend!!!
— Robin D