Our Fantastic Fountains workshop is now a BENEFIT workshop!

Our Fantastic Fountains at Longwood Gardens photography workshop next Thursday (September 14th from 6:30-9:30) is now a benefit class. All monies raised by The Photography Workshop for this class will be donated and matched, dollar for dollar, to support the animal relief efforts from hurricane IRMA that is expected to devastate much of Florida over the next few days. As many of you know, I am a dog lover. I have five wonderful dogs in my home now (four Labradors and one Hound mix) and they are VERY much a part of my family. Animal shelters throughout Florida will be overwhelmed with an influx of lost, abandoned and injured pets. In the last 48-hours there have been many reports of pets being let out of cars and abandoned along evacuation routes. Many others are simply being left at their homes to defend for themselves. Many pets will simply no longer have a home to go home to after IRMA releases its furry and many will never be reunited with their families. If you wish to join us for this special class, capture some amazing images of the fantastic fountains and help support the relief effort, please register online the Chester County Night School http://chestercountynightschool.org/ The fee for this class is only $47.00 (admissions to Longwood Gardens not included if class fee). Therefore, every person that registers for this class means a $94.00 donation towards the relief effort. (Full disclosure: We are not a 503(c) tax exempt organization, just someone trying to help others in need, therefore we can’t provide you with a tax receipt.)